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An all-in-one timesaving toolkit, to start scaling your web design business.
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Can I use themes?

Yes, our platform has a library of free modular themes. The best thing about these themes is that they are made for editing. You can change and customize anything you want with our design editor, and even access and edit the front-end code of the theme. 

Can I start from scratch?

Yes. When you start a new project in SiteManager you get offered a choice: the convenience to start from a theme, or the freedom to start from scratch. The ultimate designer freedom!

Can I build my own themes?

In SiteManager you can copy an entire project or design with a single click. This way you can use your previously built designs as themes for a new project.

Can I build my own components?

Absolutely! What makes SiteManager so unique is the fact that it allows developers to build custom components via the developer application. The front-end code of your project is accessible and can be edited with CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc.

Can end-clients edit websites?

Of course! In the SiteManager dashboard you can add users to your projects and set permissions. This way you can give clients access to the visual CMS to edit the website. Because of the separation between content and design, a curious client can't break your website's design. 

Can I use Google web fonts?

The most popular Google web fonts are available in the platform. You're able to add other (custom) fonts through the design application and you're able to connect your Adobe Typekit account.

Are SiteManager websites optimized for speed?

The developer application allows you to set the Pagespeed settings. This powerful module allows you compress and minify the code of your website. This ensures great performance of your websites.

Are SiteManager websites optimized for search engines?

In our platform you have an SEO toolkit that provides you with everything you need to optimize your website for search engines. You can set custom titles, custom urls, open graph settings, noindex, nofollow, canonical urls, etc. 


Is hosting included?

For every live project there's a subscription of 10 euro per month (or 15 euro for premium projects). This includes cloud hosting, technical support, maintenance, automatic updates, server security, a free SSL certificate and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Am I required to host my websites via SiteManager?

Yes, this is required for several reasons: security, performance, maintenance, updates and backups. It is not possible to host your SiteManager projects elsewhere.

Where are the servers located?

Our servers are located in Belgium via our partner Combell, who offer premium cloud hosting. It is also possible to set up a CDN.

Can you restore websites to a backup?

Yes. If anything goes wrong and you need to restore your project, you can open a support ticket and we’ll restore it to the previous version. You can also create a manual copy of your projects as a backup. An automated solution for backups is on the roadmap 2019.

How much webspace is provided?

Standard we provide 1 GB of webspace per project, but this can be increased if necessary. 

Can I buy domain names via the SiteManager studio?

Yes, you can purchase domain names from within the SiteManager studio. You're also able to link domains that are hosted with a third party provider. 

Can I host email addresses at SiteManager?

No, we don't offer this feature at the moment. We suggest using Gsuite or Office365.

Is an SSL included?

Yes, all our projects include a free SSL. If you'd like to go the extra mile, you can request a premium SSL in the subscription settings. 


Do you provide an ecommerce solution?

SiteManager has an Ecwid integration which you can use to set up and manage your online stores. We believe Ecwid has everything you need to sell your products online in the most convenient way.

Do you have an example of an ecommerce website built in SiteManager?

Take a look at PilaFoot and Christine Bekaert. Both websites have been designed in SiteManager and run the Ecwid integration.

Do you have a solution for restaurant reservations?

With embedded code you can use reservation tools like Resengo or Tablebooker on your website. 

Do you have a solution for blogging?

We have an integration with StoryChief which can be used to push blogs to all your different channels: the SiteManager website, social media, medium, etc. 

Do you have an API?

No, we don't. There are several modules and integrations provided. We're always listening to requests from our community and custom development is possible via our freelance service. 

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