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#SiteManager Studio


An innovative visual content editor built from the ground up for non-technical users.
SiteManager - Content
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4 Ways content editors save time

The user experience is intuitive and easy to grasp due to an innovative visual interface. Focus solely on the job of editing content. Don't worry about code or design.
SiteManager Features

Visual CMS

Focus on editing content, view updated changes in real-time, before publishing.

Multiple languages

Manage and show specific content with ease across multiple languages.


An adaptive page speed module secures top scores for mobile and desktop.

Rich SEO features

Page titles & description, alt & meta tags, open graph, .... all secured for you!
SiteManager Features

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Multiple layouts

Switch among available layouts per page. Update layouts without deleting your content. 

Organize easily

Define behaviour, add rows and columns and everything fits together magically. 

Drag & drop

Drag & drop is just the easiest way for your customer to edit content online!

Copy anything

Copy & move entire pages, specific sections. Set visibility before publishing. 

Customer proof

Design and code are managed separately from the content editor. Set user permissions.

Component library

Get access to an ever-growing library with pre-coded components.

#SiteManager Studio


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